The nirvana of urbanisation is the WATER SENSITIVE CITY - Understanding the nexus between sustainable urban water management and the vitality, liveability and prosperity of urban communities is one of the most significant challenges of the 21st century

I just returned from India where I participated in a number of vivid discussions on how to solve the water challenges in emerging markets. During the Water Symposium in Mumbai I discussed the concept of a “Water Sensitive City” with one of the leading experts on rainwater harvesting Mr. Vishwanath. He spoke with passion about the nirvana state of an urban water infrastructure, that could provide 24/7 water supply to all it’s inhabits while sustaining the aquifer through sensitive water extraction and water recycling.

Australia and Holland appear to be pioneers on developing theory and practical models on this subject. Published content on the water sensitive city is still relatively light, but I would expect to see an increase in upcoming research and demonstration projects within this field in coming years.

/Tao Bindslev

Illustration: Monash university paper on Transitioning to Water Sensitive Cities: Historical, Current and Future Transition States.