There are three types of team members: those who get things done, those who watch things get done, and those who wonder how so much got done! If you´re lucky enough to be part of a local team that get things done, you know how rare that is – doing so across continents, time zones and languages is both a science and an art. I came across Shane Pearlmans excellent presentation on working with distributed teams. I particularly like his Rhythm section that outlines 10 essentials for ensuring high performance global teams:

Team rhythm

  1. Create regular habits
  2. Make sure everyone knows how to win
  3. Manage the queue artfully
  4. Run a regular standup meeting
  5. Everything has an owner
  6. Provide clear and explicit feedback
  7. Figure out a consistent communication pattern
  8. Measure performance not time
  9. Help people with their time management
  10. Respect personal load and priorities

Source: Shane Pearlman, CEO at Modern Tribe Inc. where he leads indie teams in UX/UI, web, mobile & product design. He is frequent speaker on the subject of managing distributed teams.