On it’s 10th anniversary of the World Economic Forums Global Risk report “Interstate conflict” ranks #1 in terms of likelihood followed by extreme weather events, however from an impact perspective “Water crises” rises top for the first time. Water was added to the list four years ranked #2, however with this years ranking I suggest the regrettable consequences of the water crises that brought us here, will create the the much needed political pull for entrepreneurial companies and investors to participate in solving the global water challenges with public utilities and cities.  Elsewhere in Davos, Pharrell Williams and Al Gore announce the single biggest event in history with plans to bring together 1 billion people on LIVE EARTH with one message to take action on climate now!

2015 Global Risk No 1 Water Crises

For further details go to the World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Risk Reports site which has excellent detail and visualizations.

/Tao BIndslev