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Tao Bindslev

Impact entrepreneur

Category / Emerging markets

One laptop per child breaks down how to downspec your over-engineered laptop for the purpose of educating the world’s poorest children

In November 2005, at the World Summit on the Information Society held in Tunis, Nicholas Negroponte, The previous director of the MIT Media Lap and founder of Wired Magazine unveiled the concept of a $100 laptop computer, The Children’s Machine, designed for students in the developing world. The price has increased to US$180, however. The project is part of a broader […]

The nirvana of urbanisation is the WATER SENSITIVE CITY – Understanding the nexus between sustainable urban water management and the vitality, liveability and prosperity of urban communities is one of the most significant challenges of the 21st century

I just returned from India where I participated in a number of vivid discussions on how to solve the water challenges in emerging markets. During the Water Symposium in Mumbai I discussed the concept of a “Water Sensitive City” with one of the leading experts on rainwater harvesting Mr. Vishwanath. He spoke with passion about […]

Next stop – Mumbai, India

I am heading to Mumbai, India next for next week to host a Symposium on water supply challenges in emerging markets. Very exciting to be collaborating with both Grundfos and external thought leaders on the subject matter. The big question pondering my mind is, if you only have time to do ONE thing in Mumbai, […]